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If You Want Your Ex Back You Must First Become Ungettable...

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  • Learn how to stop putting men on pedestals they don't deserve to be on. 
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 “This is not only an amazing idea and an incredible stepping stone for a beautiful transformative process in your life but it’s also a great read” - Veronica Giordano

 “If you are going through a breakup or trying to move on from a breakup or even having marital problems then this book is for you.” - Jaclyn Koenig

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  • Overcome the fear that your ex will replace you with another woman
  • ​Help you understand the right way to have a conversation with him.
  • ​Become so intriguing that he places you on a pedestal
  • ​Make him more enthusiastic when you communicate
  • ​Feel more empowered in your life
  • ​Become part of a community that can support you through the breakup

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"You're Ungettable, you just don't know it yet. It's my job to make you realize it.
- Chris Seiter
Friendswood, Tx

If You Want To Get Your Ex Back You Must First Become UNGETTABLE...

What if I told you that just about everything you've been told about getting an ex back may have been a lie? 

You've been had. 

Now, I know what you're thinking. "Who the heck is this guy?"

My name is Chris Seiter and I've spent the past decade helping women just like you either getting their exes back or move on from their exes. 

After spending that much time helping others it's impossible to ignore the fact that the women who are successful approach their situations much differently than those who aren't. 

Can You Imagine How Simplified Getting An Ex Back Would Be With This Knowledge?

  • Not having to worry about the "other woman"
  • Not feeling like you aren't good enough anymore
  • Knowing just what to say during conversations to keep him hooked
  • ​Not feeling like you have to give up all hope because your situation is a lost cause
  • ​Feeling completely empowered 
  • ​Not worrying that you saw your ex on a dating websites
  • ​Knowing that in the end you are going to win because you're ungettable
After helping thousands of women just like you with their situations I've come to realize that 99% of women just feel overwhelmed and confused. 

They buy into the lies that they are told from the "dating guru's" and end up feeling more distraught in the end. 

In the end what you need right now is something REAL. Someone REAL you can trust. 
  • What if I told you that concepts like the No Contact Rule won’t work unless you become ungettable? 
  • ​What if I told you that you DON'T need to be terrified that your ex will find someone new if you don’t act fast… 
  • ​What if I told you that there may be a way to overcome this fear so that you always beat out “the new girl” in his eyes?
  • ​What if I told you that even though your situation is unique there is one common idea that almost always works to re-attract your ex?
When you get your copy of Ungettable: Becoming The Woman Every Man Wants you will learn the truth behind these concepts and so much more. 

Ungettable Has Already Helped Countless Women Around The World...


But Don't Take It From Me... Hear From The Actual Women Who Are Ungettable

Veronica Is Ungettable

“This is not only an amazing idea and an incredible stepping stone for a beautiful transformative process in your life but it’s also a great read”

 “The concept of “UG” is going to change the course of your life. It’s about implementing a strategic system that will truly impact your life in every aspect and that’s where the holy trinity comes into play. 
 The holy trinity is going to teach you about health, wealth and relationships and the significance of those in your life. Each aspect is an integral part of your life. 
 And what this book does is that it outlines what you need to do to achieve your goals. 

Katerina Is Ungettable

“I definitely loved the book. In particular because of the practical advice in it.”

The book is really about all the qualities that this perfect woman has in the eyes of any man. 
Some of them were quite strange and surprising while others I kind of knew. 
Chris is really good at giving a lot of clarity at something vague. 

Fei Is Ungettable

“This book is really about self help. It helps women become more independent, self confident and shows you how to become the best version of yourself so they can attract the men that they want.”

This book talks a lot about this concept of “the holy trinity.”
 Health, wealth and relationships but it dives deeper than you would ever imagine into each facet. 
 Another big thing Ungettable talks about is “the 12.” Which are the 12 main patterns that “ungettable” women exhibit. 
 I really believe that everyone should get this book. 

Jaclyn Is Ungettable

“If you are going through a breakup or trying to move on from a breakup or even having marital problems then this book is for you.”

This book is literally the key to becoming the woman that any man wants. 
 So, I don’t want to give away too much information without spoiling the whole book for you but obviously I want you guys to get the book. 
 This book literally has so much knowledge which is why I took so many notes. This book will help you become the best version of yourself. 
 Being ungettable to me is so much more than being just a pretty face. You have to have a certain edge to you which in this book it gives you those edges. 

Shaunna Is Ungettable

“This book is amazing and it's already done so much for me. I'm a much more complete person and I'm happier with myself”

Being a part of the "UG" community is amazing. Seeing all of these people do such great things with their lives. 

It's made a difference in my relationships. 

My partner and I are so much happier than we used to be as well as my friends and family. 

Thomi Is Ungettable

"This book is a godsend and is mostly about making yourself into an Ungettable Girl. It was a book I thoroughly enjoyed."

It's written very much like a conversation and it's a really easy read. 

I literally could not put this book down. 

It goes into detail into how you can become this magnificent, wonderful goddess of a woman. 

The book would work for literally anyone. 

Katie Is Ungettable

“What I love about this book is that it clearly, plain as day, writes out what the twelve characteristics of what being an ungettable girl looks like.”

 For me, before reading this book, my perception of what being an ungettable girl was, was this idea of an absolute perfect woman that has everything together where the bar is raised so high. 

But that’s really just unattainable. It’s very overwhelming and hard to achieve. 

But something I love that Chris points out in his book is he lists twelve characteristics of what being ungettable looks like but he goes on to say that you truly only need to be a master of three or four categories to Gabe considered ungettable. 

His philosophy is that if you master two or three you’re going to have a chain reaction and the other qualities will fall into place. 

As You Can See... 

Ungettable Has Helped Countless Women Around The World...

The Question Is... Are You Next? 

Nobody wants to hear the truth. 
  • They want to hear that the secret to winning an ex back is easy. 
  • They want to hear that you won't have to step outside your comfort zone. 
  • They want to hear that it's a function of saying this one simple phrase.
  • ​Just whip out your phone and text him this thing. The magical text that will make any man swoon
  • ​Or all you'll need to do is a no contact rule and poof... he'll magically come back and be yours.
But it doesn't work that way. 

The truth doesn't make for the most compelling narrative but until you realize that getting results isn't glamorous or easy you'll never be free to achieve your dreams. 

I wrote Ungettable for you because I want you to not only learn how to become the woman every man wants but I wanted you to be inspired to take action. 

To be the girl that actually gets the guy for once. 

To not let this breakup break you. 

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey with me throughout this book. 

I can't wait to see you accomplish something that you never thought was possible. 

I can't wait to see the hilarious reactions as you make a man beg for you back. 

It's time to create your story. 

Chris Seiter

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